Disabled Lift

Disabled platform, which offers practical solutions as an alternative to landings, building entrances or places where elevator installation is not suitable; Our special manufacturing machines are easy to install and use, suitable for outdoor work, maintenance-free and zero risk of accident.

Below description of the products;

SEP.1 : Single scissor

SEP.2 : Double scissors

SEP.3 : Three scissors

DEP.1 : Single column

  • Our products are CE Certified in accordance with the standards.
  • High strength steel construction
  • Suitable for pit or floor mounting
  • Control, button control or remote control
  • Safety valve against overloads
  • Hose burst valves in case of hydraulic leaks or hose burst to prevent load dropping.
  • Speed regulating valve to adjust the descent speed
  • Lubricated bushings at moving points
  • Lubricated ball bearing rollers
  • Quality compact hydraulic power unit
  • Cruising distance 0 – 3.000 mm
  • Capacity 250 kg
  • Dimensions vary according to the load it will carry and the area to be installed.