Scissor Vehicle Platform

Our car lifts developed from the insufficiency of parking areas which are one of the main problems of nowadays. Car lifts allow you to safely transport your cars to parks in the basement. In this way, your parking area becomes more efficient and the usage area on the floor increases. OHC car lifts which are completely projected and manifactured with customer requirements.

Below description of the products;

SAP.1 : Single scissor

SAP.2 : Double scissors

SAP.3 : Three scissors

  • Our products are CE Certified in accordance with the standards.
  • Scissor St-52 material
  • Honed Tubing and Chrome plated shafts for Hydraulic Cylinders
  • Hose burst valves in case of hydraulic leaks or hose burst to prevent load dropping.
  • Lubricated bushings at moving points
  • Lubricated ball bearing rollers
  • High strength steel construction
  • Suitable for pit or floor mounting
  • Safety valve against overloads
  • Speed regulating valve to adjust the descent speed
  • Quality compact hydraulic power unit
  • Control, button control or remote control
  • Cruising distance 0 – 12.000 mm
  • Capacity 2.500 – 5.000 kg
  • Dimensions vary according to the load it will carry and the area to be installed.